Sea of Rocks / side hustle

The world of Adventure Motorcycling is very one dimensional. The big factories fight for the Podiums in Dakar, Baja and Romania which gets people excited to take their bikes off road and into the great outdoors. But no one really comes in to the from the lifestyle angle, no one celebrates what it’s like to actually have your own adventure. To Mike, there’s no greater freedom than heading for the woods and mountains on his bike for a couple of nights. So he founded Sea of Rocks Moto Hobo Supply Co. A laid back take on the Motorcycle Adventure. What started as sewing a couple of tents in his living room, has led to a vibrant brand inspiring people from all walks of life, to take whatever bike they’ve got out into the outdoors. 

Everyone always talks about how riding a motorcycle is freedom. Couldn’t agree more. But there’s something more specific about Motorcycle Camping, it’s lack of pressure you have whilst being out in the mountains. NO NEED TO SUCCEED hits the nail on the head there.