Anchor Cheddar / Creature

Anchor was stuck firmly in the middle of the road when we pitched for the account, boring fake families littered their ads, doing all the fake things that fake families do. People either weren’t aware of them, or they didn’t care. We created a new brand world for Anchor, full of furry families who looked really weird but acted like normal families. They were annoying, rude, hyperactive but still loveable, and they represented our audience rather than the brand.

Our pitch and the work the followed was simple: 

Let’s celebrate perfectly imperfect families for what they are.

We launched the new look and feel with a 30 second TV spot for cheddar featuring a cheeky little scamp who won’t leave his parents alone and dad with some questionable morals trying to get rid of him. For our audience their main preoccupation seemed to revolve around what the creatures actually are, with suggestions from badgers to bears, Hugglers never seemed to quite do it for them. And little Sam over here? This was our first, but not last, foray into furry friends. We created a mini Sam who was given away to loving homes via competitions on Facebook. Our 48 sheet served up some sweet revenge for little Sam who get to launch the rugby ball at his unsuspecting dad. It’s also the first appearance of the Hugglers pet dog who wastes no time digging up the local park.