Toyota / The&Partnership

Turns out people still think Hybrids are only driven by a bunch of a tree hugging, tech startup, soya milk drinking hippies. Well them and Uber employees. In reality there are already over 10 million Hybrid drivers worldwide. And, given the current state of things, driving a Hybrid is actually a pretty good choice to make. So it was a bit of a strange proposition, to make everyone understand just how mainstream they are. The new normal if you will.


At the heart of our “We Choose Hybrid” campaign sits a 60 second master-cut, celebrating the movement. Along with an Out Of Home campaign and a whole suite of educational videos, this was supplied all across Europe, for every market to put their spin on and make it relevant to their people. Go Europe, fuck you BoJo. 

Some French Cool

Well, what can we say, give it to the French and they make it sexy, whatever it is they are actually saying.


Who knew you could list every single Hybrid Driver by first and last name, within just 30 seconds? Well done, 8 points to Italy.

Showing off our massive range of Hybrids, from the little Yaris to the massive RAV4 and all the owners to boot.