Project Zero / RGA

Project Zero is a charity dedicated to protecting the Ocean. The problem they have is that the world is full of problems, jostling for our attention. In the face of political intolerance, social injustice, economic imbalance and climate change, saving the oceans is way down the list. Through our research we discovered that the ocean can play a massive role in fighting climate change. So we didn’t have another problem on our hands, but an innovative solution to our generation’s biggest challenge.

This lead us to Project Zero’s new brand mission “Turn the tide on the climate crisis”

We launched the new campaign by putting the Ocean on Kickstarter.

Allowing fans to turn the tide on the climate crisis, by purchasing part of the ocean and owning their own coordinate. Backers received an official certificate and could also purchase a custom Ocean Bottle displaying their co-ordinates.

The Kickstarter received backing from Keith Richards and Mick Jagger and by the end of the campaign we had doubled our goal to create the first ocean sanctuary.