Iceland – Home of Modern Whaling / Project Zero


In October 2023 the Icelandic government made the catastrophic decision to start re-issuing whaling licenses. Threatening not only these gentle creatures, but also Icelands tourism industry, which is dependant on whale watching, whilst jeopardising the countries reputation on the international stage at the same time. 

Although the decision outraged most Icelanders the news didn’t travel far beyond their borders. We created a campaign to spread awareness worldwide with a hard hitting video proclaiming Iceland as the home of modern whaling, forcing their government to accept the reality of its decision making. 

We also ran a social campaign piggybacking on travel trends to let people know about the “secret” side of Iceland.

Finally a merch line was developed and promoted by our ambassadors with funds raised to fight for the cause.

As of the time of writing this, Iceland has not issued any further whaling licenses. But there remains a team on the ground, working with local authorities to ensure it’ll stay that way. If you’d like to support this cause, buy some of the merch and sign the petition here.