Sam + Mike
Creative Directors
/ London, UK

Creativity is a team sport, and we’ve had the pleasure to be part of some great teams at places like, Wieden + Kennedy, R/GA or Creature. Beyond that, we’ve also had some great fun on projects over at Mother, The&Partnership, Grey, and a whole bunch more.

Honestly, we couldn’t care less about media or whatever. We’re all about interesting ideas and the craft that brings them to life on whichever platform serves them best. Whether that’s a classic TV spot, a bunch of Coke cans or a whole kickstarter campaign to save the ocean.

Selected Clients
Coca Cola / Facebook / Google / Adidas / Amazon / Arla / Project Zero / Carling / Sony


Sam’s thing is music. He’s probably got more guitar effects pedals in his studio than forks in his drawers. Whether he’s writing the lyrics, composing the tunes, playing all the instruments or mixing his tracks. Sam’s gone all in and has set up his own studio putting out some vibes. Oh yeah, and besides that he’s also a world class athlete, multiple European and British champ in Rollerderby.

Mike can’t decide whether he’s more into camping or more into old motorbikes. So he founded Sea of Rocks Moto Hobo Supply Co. Where he creates simple gear for laid-back Motorcycle Adventures. All the way from initial prototyping to manufacturing small exclusive runs in his workshop. Besides from making innovative products, this has also become his dream brand to write, design and shoot promos for. Well dream, apart from the budgets, they suck.

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